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Background of Boryeong Mud

Being aware of the problem that all of cosmetics mud is imported from overseas although the flat in West Sea is the world’s five richest mud, we examined the components of Boryeong sea mud and concluded that it has superior ingredients to foreign mud’s in term of skin care. Thus we take on this project connected with the profit business of municipal government.(cf. the five richest mud of the world: Canadian East coast, the North Sea, Amazon river basin, Boryeong mud).

What is MUD?

Mud defined as ‘Sticky mixture of earth and water’, is formed by the sedimentation of clay-like material affected by long time of geological and chemical work, and by microbial decomposition. Thus mud contains not only mineral and micro elements such as silicate compounds that help eliminate wastes in pores and excessive sebum, but also various kinds of vitamins.

Mud and Skin Care

As mentioned in the ancient Egyptian document saying that the queen “Cleopatra” used mud for her skincare, mud has shown great effect as ingredients for skincare and treatment for skin disease. Even in nowadays, mud is used for variety of reason from skin care to ingredients of cosmetics, sauna, hair coloring etc. This is possible because the extracts from mud such as various minerals, bentonites, germanium, far-infrared radiation etc. give beneficial effects for human body and show great effect for eliminating skin wastes and skin care.


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Official Company Name: Boryeong Mud Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Business Registration Number: (871453X)

email: info@boryeongmudmsia.com.my

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